“Digital and human” – the new trend 2022

Home office, online working are the new trends and it is impossible to imagine the working world without them. Without these benefits, an employer is no longer attractive. Employers are coming under pressure. They are exposed to the shortage of skilled workers and at the same time, these prefer to sit in a home office. Despite obvious advantages, the question remains how to recruit future employees effectively?

Currently, it is increasingly important for employers to create an employer brand. Employer branding must take a strategic position in human resources. This requires authenticity. Employers need to portray a real and genuine image of themselves This is necessary in order to:

  • – Create a realistic image of the employer and the workplace.
  • – Not to create false hopes
  • – Create a realistic attitude to work
  • – Realistically match own values with the employer
  • – To increase perceived procedural fairness
  • – To increase employee satisfaction in the long term

In recruitment, the authenticity conveyed by the employer is important as it creates a bond between the candidate and the employer. If the employers misrepresents themselves or makes false promises or shows delayed communication in the recruitment process, this will cost the employer dearly. The “psychological contract” is violated and the new employee will very quickly leave the job disappointed or not perform as expected.

What could be done to achieve more effective employer branding?


You should ask your employees what they value about their workplace and employer. These advantages and the strengths of the employer that are realistically perceived should be incorporated into your employer brand. Here you should analyse your current status and be honest with yourself. If employee motivation and morale are very low in your own company, you should work on this in concrete terms. A new employee will notice this immediately and will very quickly feel that the “psychological contract” has not been kept and the will look for alternatives.

Create your own identity, define jobs precisely

After a detailed analysis, it is necessary to realistically incorporate the strengths into the employer identity. “Who are we”? must be presented authentically in this identity. At the same time, it is also necessary to define jobs precisely. This means that a job can be advertised in detail and realistically. The applicant must know what to expect.

Take a close look at applicants

Authenticity does not only apply to the employer The applicant also needs to sell him/herself “genuinely” so that the employer can hire the most suitable employee. The employer needs to get an accurate picture of the applicant during the recruitment process. It is not enough to have an interview only. The applicant should undergo psychological diagnostics. This procedure provides employers with an accurate picture of the applicant’s cognitive abilities, personality, skills, stress behaviour and deviant behaviour. After such a procedure, an employer can see whether an applicant is a good fit for a job or not. This procedure increases credibility and creates commitment.

Psychological diagnostics increase retention

Through a psychological assessment, an employer has a tool that he can use to realistically fulfil the “psychological contract”, but also has a very clear picture of how to develop and deploy the new employee. The onboarding process can be designed effectively and realistically. This increases employee satisfaction in the long term.

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